Our facilities offer boarding for our canine and feline friends. We have a full-time staff of patient care technicians who will attend to your pet while you are away. Your pet will be housed indoors in a climate controlled environment and exercised outdoors on a leash no less than 3 times a day. Their housing will be sanitized no less than twice daily. If your pet has a social personality they get to run freely through safe areas of the facility during non appointment times. We offer a discounted rate for extras while they are staying with us like a bath or toe nail trim among many other extra services such as extra treats at night which you will be able to choose from when you arrive and fill out the consent form. We place pictures of your pet on our Facebook page while they are here so you can see how your pet is doing. If your pet stays a minimum of 5 nights into mornings with us they get a free bath. We provide the bedding, food and water bowls and no extra charge if your pet is on a daily medication. You can also choose to bring your pets own items from home. If your pet is on a prescription food please bring it with you when dropping off if no food is provided we feed Royal Canin Prescription Gastrointestinal Low Fat dry kibble, due to sometimes pets being a little nervous or anxious at times they can develop loose stool so we try to prevent that from even happening when feeding this food. We have recently lower the boarding rates and added extra options/features for your pet. All pets staying with us have to be up to date on all vaccines such as Rabies vaccine, Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine, DA2p-cpv-cv vaccine and due to the recent outbreak of the K9 Flu this will be required. Cats have to be up to date on Rabies vaccine and Fecvr (4-1).


Our boarding fee includes the following:

  • Food if not brought from home, bedding, bowls.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing their area twice daily
  • Having the option to choose extra items for your pet
  • Veterinarian in-house as well as specific Kennel Technicians
  • Please remember to bring any medications or special diets your friend will need while staying with us. You are also more than welcome to bring any of the following items to make your pet feel more at home: special bed, favorite blanket, treats, toys

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