In Memory

We have made many special friends over the years that we consider to be family like our own pets. Sadly, some of these friends and family members have passed but, they will live on in our minds forever. Below are a few of our beloved patients that left an extra special paw print on our hearts.

  • Ms. Zoee, 2002 to 2013
    Zoee was a patient at our New Richmond office starting in 2002 when she was just a little puppy. We continued to see her through adulthood and her senior years. It is normal for boxers to always be happy to see you, but there was something more to Zoee. She was always a favorite for her big, bright smile and wonderful attitude, even in her later years when it was painful for her to walk. But, that never slowed her down or stopped her from greeting us with boxer kisses and love. Zoee will be greatly missed by the doctors and staff. There will never be another dog quite like her!
  • Gracie, 2005 to 2013
    Gracie came to us as a referral from a current client about a year ago. She was battling an unknown and previously un-diagnosed issue for quite some time. We had grown close to Gracie and her entire family in the past year as we were seeing them quite often for her illness. She was a fun dog with a BIG personality and will be missed by everyone here.
  • Baxter, 2002 to 2011
    Baxter first came to us as a small puppy (as small as English Mastiffs can be!) Over the years he came in often, and the staff was always excited to see him. The clients loved him as well. Whenever he boarded with us he took over the job as the hospital greeter, and made sure everyone felt welcome. Baxter didn't enjoy staying in his kennel during the day, and honestly it was difficult to get him to do anything he didn't want to! His quiet stubborness will never be matched. We all miss him every day.
  • Sebastion, 1998 to 2011 Sebastion, 1998 to 2011
    Sebastion was given to us by a young man leaving for college. He was taken to our Williamsburg Hospital where he served as our aristocratic feline mascot. He was loved by staff and clients alike. Everyone knew him and asked about him, especially children. He demanded affection on his terms, sneaking up behind you and gently tapping on the back of your leg. He was almost magical in the way he seemed to appear and disappear throughout the day. However on Saturdays you could always find him with our groomer Faye. He had an amazing affection for her. He was a devoted pet that will always live in our memories.
  • Maggie, 2003 to 2011
    Maggie was the resident 'Dog Next Door' at the New Richmond location. Over the years she greeted the staff every morning when we arrived, and was always waiting for us in the evenings when we left. Whether she boarded with us, stayed for treatments, or came in with her parents she always seemed to know we were there to help her. Maggie had the gentlest manner of any dog we have ever known, and we were so very sad to lose her. All of us felt that when she passed we lost a pet of our own. We think of her each day when we arrive and leave, and wish she was there for one more paw-shake and puppy-kiss.
  • Raff, 1991 to 2005
    Raff was one of our resident house cats at the New Richmond location. He lived with us for 14 years, and was Niles' (our Cornish Rex's) best friend. He was always a favorite among staff and clients alike because of his friendly, outgoing nature. And, he was one of our smartest house cats-- he taught all of them that the best place to sleep in the winter is on top of the dryer! Certainly Niles appreciated that, considering he has hardly any hair. We lost Raff in 2005 to kidney failure. The entire staff (his family) was there to say goodbye to a very beloved friend. We think of him often.
  • Sally, 1997 to 2011
    A call came in to us from the Mt Orab police department. A cute little terrier like dog was found wandering in the parking lot. We took her in and never thought about finding her a home. She had found her home for life with us. She quickly adapted to her lifestyle and became the boss-dog of the hospital. She had the run of the place living almost all of her life with her pal Sammy, a resident Labrador Retriever. She was a great companion to us all, cheering us up in sad times and rejoicing with us in good times. She will always live in our hearts. We miss you Sally.
  • Dexter, 1997 to 2011
    Dexter began seeing us at the clinic in 2000, and for all of those years he charmed the entire staff. He was the friendliest Dalmation in the world, and in his later years when he stayed with us more often he would always demand attention from the closest human. Dexter was also a star of New Richmond's Reindog Parade every Christmas, and often brought home the grand prize! Dexter was a friend and companion to the entire staff. He was with us so much his absence is felt daily, and we miss him as though he were our own house-dog.
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