Comprehensive Wellness Care

We offer a wide range of comprehensive pet health care at both of our hospital locations. We tailor each patient’s treatment plan to their specific needs, from surgery to routine annual visits. Read below to learn more:

At-Home Treatment Education
We feel it is important for clients to have the option to treat their pets in the comfort of their own homes, if preferred. Our skilled assistants and technicians can show you the techniques neccessary for at-home care for sick pets.
-Subcutaneous Fluids
-Diabetic Testing & Insulin Injections
-Daily Oral & Topical Medications
-Ear Cleaning & Anal Sac Expression
-Bladder & Bowel Expression

Blood work & Diagnostics
We can run all basic blood profiles and tests in-house at both of our hospital locations. This allows us to quickly diagnose your pet and start treatments right away in case of severe illness. For more advanced testing and pathology we work closely with Abaxis labs and have rapid turn-around for all results from their experienced doctors.
-Routine Blood Screenings in-house
-Comprehensive Profiles in-house
-Heartworm Testing in-house
-Thyroid Function in-house
- Feline Leukemia & Feline AIDS Testing in-house
- Pancreatitis in-house
-Abaxis Out-Lab for advanced diagnostics & Pathology

-Long-term to Day Care available
-Hill’s Science Diet fed in-house
-Veterinarian In-house
-Staff able to accommodate any pet’s needs

Client Education
The first step in excellent patient care is educating you, the pet parent, in everything you need to know regarding the well-being of your pet. Anything from preventative parasite care, vaccines, to surgeries; our staff can help you understand everything through each of your pet's life-stages.

Diagnostic Imaging
Radiology is available at both of our hospital locations. Any pet that may need x-rays for any reason can have them done right away, no need for referrals or scheduling a separate appointment.
-Radiology at both hospitals
-Digital Radiology at New Richmond

Emergency Care & Services
-Available during regular office hours

Dr. Gladis is experienced in treating and handling all exotic patients; from turtles and birds, to bearded dragons and snakes.
- All Exotic Pets
- Wing Clipping & Beak Trimming

-Full-service grooming at both Hospitals

Hospitalization & Patient Care
Our doctors and staff offer over 50 years of experience in patient care. We are equipped to handle any health issue and hospitalization at either hospital.

Pet Behavior Help
-Education on Pet Socialization & Training
-Handouts, Brochures, & Literature
-Behavior Consults & Referrals

We are partnered with Vet's First Choice to provide you with full-access to an online pharmacy whenever it is convenient for you, our client.
-Hill’s Prescription Diets
-Prescription Medications
-Parasite Prevention
-Dietary Supplements
-Available in-house or online allowing you access to a complete inventory 24/7

Preventative Care
At Lifetime Pet Centers we feel life-long, comprehensive care is the best prevention to illness later in life. Our doctors and staff will be with you every step of the way, through every life stage.
Annual Wellness Plans- a full year of care, for a low monthly payment.
-Annual & Semi-Annual Wellness Exams
-Parasite Prevention
-Heartworm Testing & Prevention
-Flea Prevention & Treatments
-Annual Wellness Blood Screenings

Specialty Referrals
-Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicine
-CARE Center of Blue Ash
-Veterinary Oncology & Referral Center
-MedVet of Cincinnati

We use the most up-to-date methods and state-of-the-art equipment for every surgical procedure in our hospitals. Each patient receives one-on-one pre. and post. operative care from a trained patient care technician and a full staff of kennel technicians. Our number one priority is your pet's safety during any anesthetic procedure, no matter how routine or how complicated.
-Soft Tissue
-Routine Elective Procedures

Pet Loss Support & Services
The most difficult time for any pet owner, and we will be there for you as we were in your pet's first weeks of life. Due to the sensitive nature of these services, we ask that all appointments be scheduled in advance so the staff may select the best time for us to focus on you and your pet without disruptions. And, as with any house-call services, we will need any where from 3 to 7 days notice to schedule an appointment.
-Euthanasia, in-hospital & house-calls available
-Cremation Services from Dogwood
-Pet Loss Support

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